ibn battuta travel

Earth is a place with the mighty oceans that are deeper than human imagination, rivers that flow through multiple nations, mountains that touch the sky, sand that cover miles. All of this is for the man to see and absorb the story it tells because nature has its own voice that can only be heard in silence. These natural marvels have been further glorified with the beauty of cultures. Every culture adds a different color. The Mount Everest stands tall on the base of vibrant Nepal culture, the Indian Ocean flows fearlessly with the colorful Indian vibes, the deserts of the Arab world hold treasure in their depths. All of this needs to be heard through exploration. The Ibn Battuta travels are a magnificent story of listening to that voice and exploring the nature beyond territorial boundaries.

What he set out for

Ibn Battuta did not set out to make a great name for himself rather that is one of the accidental byproducts of his life story. His agenda started out with a simple dream of completing the Holy pilgrimage. The great tale of his travels began with his simple wish to fulfil his dream. He was determined enough to leave behind his family and the life he knew of at home. He forsake the comfort of his own homeland and set out to achieve what he had once only dreamed of. As opposed to the contemporary times, traveling was no walk in the park in the medieval era. It took him years to reach the holy city of Mecca. On his way he was met with a lot of troubles and sometimes he even found his life to be at risk but all these hostilities did nothing but push him further towards the determination of achieving his dream.

Once he achieved his goal of reaching the city of Mecca and fulfilled his dream of performing the Holy Pilgrimage he did not accept it as the end. This is why the world now knows of the great Ibn Battuta travels. During his travel towards Mecca he discovered the life as a traveler and it excited him. He enjoyed what he was experiencing which is way later on he decided that is what he wanted to do with his life. He simply wanted to travel. The motivation behind his desire to travel was to discover more than what he already knew. His travel to Mecca had shown him what it felt like to know new cultures and see life from a different perspective.

What he achieved

A lot is there to be learned from the Ibn Battuta travels. He set out to achieve knowledge for himself but instead he achieved much more. He achieved the appreciation of the generations to come. His travels and writings has inspired hundreds of people to follow in his footsteps. He advocated peace through travel which is undoubtedly his biggest achievement. He was a strong proponent of peace and tolerance which can be seen through his entire life story.