Morocco is a very beautiful country and it has awesome mountains with on their top. Zug, Moroccan Sahara is the most accessible place in the Sahara desert. People prefer to travel to this region when they are staying in Sahara. The region contains sand dunes on an area of about 40 km. you can enjoy your journey by riding on a camel and traveling through these sandbanks. The footsteps of the camels in a clear guideline for many visitors. Zug, Moroccan Sahara is the part of Western Sahara.

Introduction to Zug, Moroccan Sahara

The best thing about this place is that it contains many rocks and sand dunes. With the passage of time, the traveler and visitors have noticed clear development and improvements in Oasis towns and Zug. Most amazingly this place is visited by many tourists from all around the world. Zug is located in northern parts of the Africa. There are three biggest deserts in the world that are Antarctic desert, Arctic Desert, and Sahara desert. Zug is Located in Sahara desert which is the third biggest desert in the world.

The first two deserts mention before having a cool climate but Zug has a very fluctuating weather and tourist prefer visiting Zug because of its hot weather. At the start of the year, the weather starts changing from hot to cold and this is the time when a lot of tourists visit Zug. People visit this place with their friends and families. The area covered by Moroccan Sahara is about 9 Million Km. It is surely a very big area which is equal the area of the whole continent of North America.

Back to the history of Moroccan Sahara

Zug, Moroccan Sahara has a very old history of about 3 million years back. The world Sahara is from Arabic language and it means “the great”. The Oasis Town in the Moroccan Sahara is rich in its culture and it has a lot of buildings. These buildings have a lot of attractions for tourists and they want to stay there. The town as many markets and the most amazing sand dunes. The height some sand dunes are very tall which is about 180 meters. The travelers find structural paths between many sand dunes but some are without it. There are very little chances of survival in Sahara desert but there are places like Timbuktu and Nile River where animals and men can survive.

Zug and its Sand Dunes

Zug is also considered as liberated territories. Near Zug, there is a big sand Sea. In Zug, you will find sand dunes of different structure. In Sahara, there are many places that are not equipped wit roads so they are very difficult to reach. The best way to enjoy all the sites in Sahara including Zug is traveling. All you can do is to ride on a camel back and enjoy the sites in Sahara desert. Zug contains amazing sand dunes and travelers pass through them to cross this desert. The sand dunes are also known as Ergs.