Traditional Media

One who has just started the digital marketing thing is definitely in need of some techniques that can guide him. World’s well acknowledged sources provide best of this information and it is reliable too. If you are a beginner on Internet you need to go through at least seven of the digital marketing blogs. You can name these seven most popular blogs now-a-days as below

  • Inside Adwords Blog
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Media Post
  • Distilled
  • Search Engine Roundtable
  • Social Media Today
  • Buffer


This bog is the sure place if you want to get news that is officially acknowledged regarding new adwords features.


All news regarding Internet marketing is gathered at search engine journal. It covers the whole area of everything search, social, SEO, and content and even the host of the SEJ Summit.


Media post is the most famous online digital marketing which deals with almost every aspect of it. It is the best of media news sources which carries almost all the spicy stories and media gossips.


Distilled is said to be the top most famous source of the strategies regarding PPC, SEO, and is always filled to its top withal the majors and minors of the trends. Distilled helped a lot of businesses to make the most of this online world in the age where internet is ruling every body’s life then why not this should be used in order to make our businesses successful. They help in technical consulting to creative content and from SEO to digital PR. They are building an audience through earned and paid media and end their clients up with their most thriving skills.


It is basically a news website and it chooses its topics of discussion according to the premier search .These search engines reports these topics on internet forums. Search engine roundtable is a hub of active forum which can create engagements for its audience. It carries daily recaps and the video contents that are posted regularly. This is the best place for the entire news reporters that are hungry to the death to hind the news. They can easily find here something to satiate their desires for hunting the news they are searching for all through their period of search. Search engine roundtable was founded in December 2003.


Social media content is also on the most wanted list among the social media marketers who want to have the latest most recent and most happening news. Its work for the coverage of news is worth admirable. Besides this it is responsible for featuring the deeper and broad range of content for buying Instagram followers.


Buffer is well established with their leanings towards providing and retaining the transparency. They have raised their bar by maintaining the quality of their content. They do have all the know-how of how things are going on and are to be carried out in this bustle of trending topics.