The way of celebrating has changed a lot with the evolution of social media. The smartphones and internet have completely transformed the thinking and celebrations of the public. People cherish their holidays and other events by creating events and uploading selfies on social media. Now friends are not invited by sending Christmas cards via post.

People are invited by sending emails and creating Facebook events. The tradition of celebrating Christmas has changed a lot with technology, and many new things are done with friends to cherish Christmas memories.

Constructing a wish list

Mostly friends do not know what to get others for Christmas; the amazing thing introduced by most of the social media channels is the construction of wish list. Rather than just giving a boring mug or adding up to the photo frame collections, friends can give something meaningful and something that is worthwhile. It has completely given a whole new power to technology. Followers you buy on Instagram can also put their photo on their desired item on social media, and everyone can know through that.

Sending greetings

Social media has now changed a lot. With research and development taking place every day, these channels have now introduced a lot of things to entertain people. So is the case with greetings. Many ways of tweeting and introducing Facebook status are introduced to facilitate the customers. When the clock strikes at the right time, greetings are sent to the contact immediately. All these famous events are covered with social media excitement in which people are so busy in their social platforms that there is no need to offer any personal greetings.

Decorating the account

buy instagram likes23The first thing that should be done on any occasion like that is to dress up the account. It is a kind of competition among friends that how best a person decorates the account and minor details. Getting new and customized profile pictures along with cover photos is an exciting trend. A wallpaper of Christmas can be added to the profile picture, and even a Santa hat can be placed on the Twitter image. It is not restricted to just one account. This practice is followed on every social media platform. When this information is updated on every platform, the chances of getting involved in friend talks are increased, and a person constantly checks his notifications and likes to be involved.

Doing countdown

The countdown on midnight is really important especially on New Year and Christmas events. People like to bet together to celebrate this amazing activity and make memories. Some friends are far from one another, and it is not possible to meet everyone in one single time especially at the countdown moment. So, social media present a great platform to be connected with the entire friend circle for the countdown. Beautiful selfies are taken with friends and then shared on Facebook and Instagram to build up special memories. As a whole, social media provides a lot of opportunities to make the Christmas special with friends.